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Tablets 3Q 2016: WorldWide Market share: Apple 21.5%, Samsung 15.1%, Amazon 7.3%, Lenovo 6.3% says IDC. Market declines 14.7%

3Q 2016 China Smartphone Market share: OPPO 17.5%, ViVo 16.7%, Huawei 15.7% says IDC.

3Q 2016 WorldWide Smartphone Market share: Samsung 20%, Apple 12.5%, Huawei 9.3%, says IDC.

Microsoft introduces the Surface Studio, Surface Dial, a new Surface Book. And Windows 10 Creators Update. Videos.

XIAOMI to launch in Nov 4th the Mi Mix Bezel-less smartphone. Videos.

Apple`s iPhone 7 hits the South Korea market.

South Korea: Samsung offering Galaxy 8 and Note 8 Upgrade to the Galaxy Note 7 owners

Taiwan : iPhone 7 tops market share in September.

Samsung Rolls Out Industry’s First 8GB LPDDR4 DRAM Package for mobile.

Apple sends out invitation for October 27th event.

KODAK launches its first smartphone for photographers with a 21 mpxls DSLR camera. The EKTRA.