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LG gets worlds first standard quality certification for Ultra HD TV 3D.

Only 5 units left of the LG G Pro2 32GB Unlocked.

Video: Don`t mess with the shrimp.

Video: Young entrepreneur invents portable engine-in-a-box which gives an electric boost to heavy city rental bikes.

Video: Teenager has turned one of his running shoes into a mobile phone charger

Samsung may release the Galaxy S5 before April 11.

UK: Britishs are crazy for the Samsung Galaxy S5, surpasses the S4 demand in a 130%, pre-orders started,

#AllYouNeedIsEcuador a wonderful promotional video of the Galapagos Islands and Ecuador Train Cruise.

Samsun Galaxy S5 for Sprint and AT&T now at US$189.99 for pre-order with contract.

HTC ONE M8 32GB FACTORY UNLOCKED US$649.99 Now available.

Android 4.4.3 leaks on Nexus 5.

HTC ONE M8 4G LTE Full specifications.