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Bullet Time Using 18 Nokia Lumia 800s-Nokia 180 Freeze Snowboarding. Video.

Amazon Kindle Fire Software Update Version 6.3, download link.

LG´s flexible Electronic Paper Display EPD to hit Europe stores in April.

Meg Whitman 80%, Apotheker 67% , Mark Hurd 34% approval between employees.

China: Apple CEO Tim Cook visited Foxconn plant . Bloomberg Video.

Samsung NEW Galaxy names: Grand,Premier and Next, just registered.

2012: Amazon to launch 10.1 and 7 inch new tablets and maybe more.

Egypt: German University (GUC) deploys HP networking solutions to connect students and staff.

LTE: Japan: NTT Docomo to launch the White Samsung Galaxy Note LTE in April 6.

Australia: Despite Apple is offering customers refund for the not 4G capable new iPad,the ACCC sues them.

China: Nokia and China Telecom launch first CDMA Windows Phone Lumia 800C

Nokia Lumia Coffee Tab/Pad a Windows 8 tablet. Leaked Video.

China: New iPad going on sale in April. Tim Cook talks with government officials cleared the way.

Bluestacks Emulator allows Android Apps Run on Windows PCs.

HP webOS TouchPad 32GB Wi-Fi for $219.- Refurb on MacConnection and PC ConnectionExpress.