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USA: August-October 2011: Top 5 smartphone Device Manufacturers Market Share. Chart. Apple N° 1.

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In order to not to get confused with our before two posts (links below) about 4Q 2011 smartphones OS share in the USA, with the Top 5 Smartphone Device manufacturers  , you can see on the chart below Apple is number one with a 29%, but is you make a sum of HTC 21%, Samsung 11% and Motorola 11% you have a total of  43%, and if the chart considers only Android smartphones on those brands, but we now HTC also launched windows phones in 2011,included on the chart.

In the Apple market share are considered all the iphones versions not only one model. In few words Apple brand smartphones were number one in  the USA between August-October 2011. Android tops in smartphones OS.(related post links below)

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