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Meg Whitman: webOS decision within 2 weeks.

Rumor: Microsoft Office coming to iPad in 2012.

WebOS app development chief Michael Rizkalla flees to Xobni.

White Samsung Galaxy II in the coming weeks.

CES 2012: HP to announce new windows 8 tablet. HP´s tablet strategy would be announced briefly. webOS ?

Rumor: Sony and Hitachi shipping 4 inch LCD displays for Apple´s iPhone 5.

1Q2012: Acer, Lenovo to launch quad-core tablet PCs

Video hands on: ASUS Eee Pad Transformer Prime. The most advanced tablet.., today.

Toyota unveils high-tech concept car

NASA Video: Mars Science Laboratory Launch

Video: The Quietly Brilliant Story of HTC

Macao Super Car Show 2011

A young Chinese student builds a "home made" iPad like, for his girlfriend. Cost $ 125

A week of expectation for webOS future. Decision between bidders interested or a new 2.0 tablet.

2H2012: Ecuador to make tablets. First in Latin America.