New GALAXY smartphones coming with fresh new take of "OVER THE HORIZON by Jacob Collier. Video.

Samsung every year comes with a new version of the native song OVER THE HORIZON that always arrives on  every new versions of the Galaxy smartphones. 
This time for the upcoming Galaxy S8/ S8+ to be announced this Wednesday March 29 , Jacob Collier is the collaborator. He is a Grammy Award-winning artist and this take sounds good.

Samsung and Jacob Collier Collaborate on New Galaxy Smartphones’ ‘Over the Horizon’
Each generation of Samsung’s Galaxy devices comes preloaded with a fresh new take on “Over the Horizon”, Samsung’s signature, six-note groove. To craft this year’s rendition, Samsung teamed up with Grammy Award-winning artist Jacob Collier – a leading light among millennial musicians – to compose a tune that’s as unique and inventive as the devices themselves.
Playful, upbeat and familiar, “Over the Horizon” has served as Samsung Galaxy devices’ default ringtone for six years now. For each new rendition, Samsung has fleshed out the six iconic notes within a different musical genr…

All the latest Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+ leaked pictures.

All the latest Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+ leaked pictures and some early leaked pics as well.
Samsung will unveil the two new Galaxy models this Wednesday March 29

New Samsung Galaxy S8 TV ads confirms VR, Iris Scanner, and 1000 fps for slow motion features

New Samsung Galaxy S8 TV ads from Samsung Korea confirms VR video watch  capable, Iris Scanner, and 1000 fps for slow motion features as follows:

Totally for VR

Iris Scanner

1000 fps in slow motion confirmed

ARM DynamIQ is new tech for next gen chips for phones with AI.

ARM, subsidiary of SoftBank, has introduced DynamIQ, a new technology that will lay the foundations of its new generation of processor chips for mobile phone.
The company claims that the aforementioned technology, still undergoing testing, will entail "a huge change in the multi-core microarchitecture industry", and has been developed to meet the demand for ubiquitous AI, autonomous systems and accelerate the Integration of virtual worlds into a combined reality experience. "
ARM ensures that its next generation of chips will work with Cortex-A processors, powered by DynamIQ technology. According to the company, the design will be flexible and versatile, and will allow an easy configuration.
It will also enable manufacturers to establish connections within a wider range of devices, based on a common and secure platform.
In addition, ARM has been able to optimize processors so that "its AI capacity will multiply by 50 over the next 3-5 years," without going into de…

ARM DynamIQ es una nueva tecnologìa orientada a la nueva generaciòn de chips de mòviles con IA.

ARM, filial de SoftBank, ha presentado DynamIQ, una nueva tecnología que ha de poner los fundamentos de su nueva generación de chips de procesador para teléfono móvil.
La empresa afirma que la citada tecnología, todavía en fase de pruebas, supondrá “un cambio enorme en la microarquitectura de núcleo múltiple de la industria”, y se ha desarrollado para atender a la demanda de “IA ubicua, los sistemas autónomos y acelerar la integración de mundos virtuales en una experiencia de realidad combinada”.
ARM asegura que su próxima generación de chips funcionará con los procesadores Cortex-A, provistos de tecnología DynamIQ. Según la empresa, el diseño será flexible y versátil, y permitirá una fácil configuración.
También posibilitará que los fabricantes establezcan conexiones dentro de una gama más amplia de dispositivos, sobre la base de una plataforma común y segura.
Además, ARM cuenta con poder optimizar los procesadores para que “su capacidad de IA se multiplique por 50 durante los próximos 3…

USA: The new moto G5 Plus is available for pre-order on all major carriers.

The New moto G5 Plus is available for pre-order. It`s unlocked and works on all U.S major carriers.
From US$229.99 or as low as $13.81 monthly with Affirm.

Full specifications:

More information on: Motorola or buy on:

Intel to release new storage drives with 3D Xpoint tech 1000 faster times than NAND Flash.

Intel Corp. is starting to ship the first products based on new technology.
The new storage drives, are based on technology called 3D XPoint. “It blurs the line between system memory and storage,” said Diane Bryant, an executive vice president who oversees Intel’s Data Center Group. She said 3D XPoint, pronounced “three-dee cross point,” can help accelerate tasks such as fraud detection, retail purchase recommendations, and autonomous driving.Intel claims the raw 3D XPoint technology is 1,000 times faster than the NAND flash commonly used in storage drives, though still about 10% the speed of temporary memory called DRAM, or dynamic random-access memory.
The storage drives Intel is initially shipping can’t take full advantage of the new technology’s speed because of the way they connect to computers.

The new storages drives Intel is making widely available on Sunday.